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The names below represent the services at Burton Funeral Homes in the past two weeks. Just click on the name to read the obituary and leave a message of condolence for the family. If the service you are looking for took place more that two weeks ago, please enter the name of the deceased in the search box and click search. You may also click past obituaries to alphabetically find the name you are searching for.

Related Services


Burton Westlake Funeral Home

Brandt Robert

Robert Brandt

Born: 06/26/1927 Died: 10/16/2019

Roerig Krystal

Krystal Roehrig

Born: 07/01/1988 Died: 10/15/2019


Ronald DeWalt

Born: 09/02/1932 Died: 10/19/2019

Valentz Daryl

Daryl Valentz

Born: 07/07/1966 Died: 10/15/2019

Miller William 10.9.2019

William Miller

Born: 06/06/1925 Died: 10/07/2019


Burton Funeral Home Girard


Marlyn Campbell

Born: 12/09/1931 Died: 10/17/2019

Carpenter Cynthia

Cynthia Carpenter

Born: 08/25/1958 Died: 10/16/2019

Blood Agnes

Agnes Blood

Born: 02/27/1920 Died: 10/11/2019

Dzmura Ethel

Ethel Dzmura

Born: 09/25/1937 Died: 10/09/2019

Watters.Wendell military

Wendell Watters

Born: 10/31/1930 Died: 09/28/2019


Burton Wintergreen Funeral Home

Jakubowski Edwin J.

Edwin Jakubowski

Born: 02/23/1932 Died: 10/13/2019

Hinkler Thomas J.

Thomas Hinkler

Born: 05/28/1954 Died: 10/15/2019

Jenks William A.

William Jenks

Born: 03/30/1943 Died: 10/07/2019


Daniel Yurkovic

Born: 05/21/1934 Died: 09/10/2019

Gleba Waclawa

Waclawa Gleba

Born: 08/01/1925 Died: 09/05/2019


Burton Funeral Home and Crematory Inc

Page Thomas

Thomas Page

Born: 09/06/1952 Died: 10/15/2019

Ewell Lynette Moffett

Lynette Ewell

Born: 10/23/1967 Died: 10/13/2019

Grumblatt Mary Anne

Mary Anne Balsiger-Grumblatt

Born: 07/30/1930 Died: 10/13/2019

Evans Tioinia

Tioinia Evans

Born: 05/04/1974 Died: 10/03/2019

Grucza Tamara

Tamara Grucza

Born: 09/08/1972 Died: 10/08/2019

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